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SIX03 is a club comprised of fun, healthy, and athletic people that share a passion for the outdoors and the social community. We are runners, cyclists, swimmers, skiers, snowboarders, cross-fitters, adventure athletes, tri-athletes, social butterflies, and much, much more!

Our members range from people looking to run their first 5K, to multi-Ironman finishers. We are recreational runners and we are tri-athletes. We are skiers, riders, and ski lodge drinkers. We are cross-fit curious and World’s Toughest Mudder Finishers. We are always looking for new members and new activities.

Just getting into cyclocross? Training for your first marathon? Deciding what bike to buy for your next tri? Want to know the cheapest place to buy GU? Want to run a 5K? Just want to grab a beer? Come meet us! We are the newest and most outgoing Endurance club in the Seacoast! That’s right, in case you didn’t get it... SIX03 is here to represent New Hampshire’s Endurance community. Not One Sport, Every Sport!


SIX03 was founded in the Spring of 2011. Created by a core group of dedicated athletes, with a broad range of experience, who wanted a club for not one sport, EVERY SPORT! SIX03 was developed as club rather than a team. The club concept welcomes individuals of all levels of experience and physical ability.


The foundation of the club is to promote camaraderie, encourage fitness, training, experience, knowledge and dedication to and for the club. Our athletes are not all veterans of these sports, they are a great combination of elite athletes, runners, cyclists, swimmers, and newcomers; but the common thread amongst the team members is to improve, have fun doing it, and foster a strong social community.

NEW IN 2014:

SIX03 members are on the Board of Directors for a number of local events and road races, including the Dover Race Series. The biggest news of the coming year is the SIX03 SUMMERFEST 10K which will be held in Dover on Sunday, July 27, 2014 at 9AM. The SIX03 Summerfest 10K will have live music, food, beer supplied by our sponsor Smuttynose, and of course one of the best 10K road races around! Keep checking back as there will be more info to come...

SIX03 will be hosting yet another fun event on November 1, 2014 at 10AM. The Great Pumpkin Relay will be a 2 person, 10K relay race held at Flag Hill Winery in Lee, NH. This will be a trail race event in which two runners will have to complete the 10K course while running with a small pumpkin. Each runner will run a 5K and pass the pumpkin to each other. Awards will be given to top male, female, and coed teams.


SIX03 is a club that acts as a local hub for athletes to network, enjoy the benefits of a membership, and participate in athletic events as part of our team. Many of our members carpool to races and events. You will see a large group of SIX03 members at every race/event in the area. It's always a good feeling to see your fellow teammates cheer you on as you cross the finish line or celebrate with you in the parking lot after the race! Come to our weekly pub runs to find out who else is running the same race that you are training for.

Join us on our Sunday Brunch Runs in Dover, Monday night Hill Workouts in Dover, Tuesday Pub Runs in Dover and Portsmouth, Wednesday Pub Runs in Manchester, and Wednesday Track Workouts in Dover and Durham.

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    SIX03 is club for athletes of all walks of life, from runners and endurance athletes to cross-fitters or power lifters, whether you're a weekend warrior or a professional athlete. We offer a local hub for our athletes to network, enjoy the benefits of a membership, participate in athletic events as part of our team, and most importantly... help us raise money for charity!


    If you have any questions or comments, please fill out the form below or contact


    We are probably out training right now. The easiest way to reach the team is by emailing us at If you need to send something via mail please use:
    10 Layne Dr // Lee, New Hampshire 03861